Top rated safari camps in Masai Mara

There are many safari camps in Kenya which offers the best cuisines and holiday package.Today we have analysed the best safari camps in Masai Mara which will give you your value for money while in Kenya for holiday or vacation.

1. The Porini Camp

The Porini camp is a safari camp which is seasonal and located within the Ol Kinyei conservancy within a vast of 18,700 acres of wilderness which has been set aside specifically for the wild cats.The area is covered by open plains and forests which gives an amazing overview.

There are 5 humbling spacious guest house tents and a family unit which allows you to have an amazing stay while at home away from home.

2. Game-watchers Adventure camp

The camp is located at the Ol Kinyei conservancy with a shady setting consisting of acacia trees.The Game watchers is always recognized for its best services as a safari camp in Masai Mara. The camp is within 18700 acres piece of land in the wilderness which has been set aside for wildlife conservancy.

The game watchers contains open plains consisting of rivers that adds beauty to the viewers.From Nairobi, the camp can be reached by aircraft from Wilson airport to the nearby Naboisho Ole Seki airstrip.

3. Angama Mara

The famous Angama is located at the Mara and is highly perched at the rim of the Great Rift Valley with a beautifully made vintage which overlooks the masai mara. The name itself has been inspired by a Swahili word “suspended in the mid air” as it seems to be floating up the Masai Mara where every morning,the hot air balloons sails up the sky.

4.Bateleur Camp

The Bateleur Camp is among the best safari camps in Masai Mara as it is  located at the edge of Masai Mara just below the site where the world’s greatest film, out of Africa was made.

The camp has main guest area, shaded by dense canopy and it has a reception area at a comfortable lounge with a fire. When relaxing inside the camp, you can undertake an endless, game filled plains with dramatic Oloololo escarpment

5. Cottars 1920’s Camp

This camp is located at an extensive concession which lies between the famous Maasai Mara Serengeti and Loliondo game reserve you can come across the Purko Maasai clan roaming as they look after their cattle.

Consequently, the area has been for a very long time untouched by the tourism or development while offering discerning guarantee of your privacy.

Importantly, while having your vacation, it is important to understand that there is reputation of congestion at the mass tourism at the Mara. The Cottars camp has been a secret for a very long time now, and you are most likely be in position to enjoy the hot air balloons which will be flying everhead,giving an enticing enjoyment to your special moments.

Best Safari camps in Maasai Mara.

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