Top places to do marriage proposal in Kenya

Are you thinking of popping up the question? Then you will need more than the ring to express how you love her and you would want to spend the rest of your lives together. You will need to have a perfect place in mind where you will make your proposal to be memorable as well as romantic. There are several places in Kenya that are perfect for you to propose to your dream wife.

Well, why do you think that prince William came all the way from London to Kenya to propose to her woman? It is simple because of the hidden treasure that is found in Kenya. The location is normally more important than the diamond ring itself. There are many destinations in Kenya that would make a perfect place for marriage proposal. These romantic places will charm your girl into saying yes to your proposal.

The following are top 10 places where you can propose to your woman while in Kenya:

Manda Island

The Manda Island is among the few unspoiled paradises in the Lamu Island. The place is perfectly lined with special architecture that may take your breath away for a moment. Once you are in Manda island, you can surprise your future wife with the amazing views before putting a ring to her fingers.Besides,you can decide to take her to the Manda beach and enjoy the exclusive views, casually continue to make her happy by going to your knees when she is not expecting.

Trust me, when proposing for your girl at the beach, it will make her go mushy all the way.

The Diani beach

The Diani beach is located on the shores of Indian Ocean and 30 kilometers from Mombasa town with a background of palm trees that are glistering at the shore. The beach is ideally located in a scenic environment having the most perfect location that you can use to surprise your girlfriend.

In order to have a romantic proposal, you may consider going on a sunset walk with your sweetheart at the shore, talking about the most interesting things which ever happened in your relationship.Thereafter,look into her eyes and  tell her all the sweet things you love about her while popping the question in a romantic way.

Uhuru gardens

Uhuru gardens is a famous romantic garden that is found in Nairobi city and along the busy Langata road. The garden is the most ideal place where your cam propose to your girlfriend. The beautiful garden is surrounded by the effortless scenes, with the sweet smelling flowers that symbolizes beauty and romance.

Your dream wife will be happy as you are walking along the garden, holding hands as you walk hand in hand before spotting the perfect place where you can go down your knees and pose the question.

The Tamarind Dhow

There is nothing which would impress your girlfriend more than having your dinner at the Tamarind Dhow. The Tamarind Dhow is a floating restaurant which is located at the Mombasa Tamarind Jetty. While in Mombasa, you can make a request of private dinner at the Tamarind Dhow, and enjoy the amazing dinner with your sweetheart. Enjoy the wind, ambiance as you take the ring and go down your knees and pose to your girlfriend.

Masai Mara

Have you ever wondered how amazing it is to propose for your girlfriend at the middle of the big 5? It may be scarier than you think, right? Well, it is the most adventurous experience that you can have. You can opt to enjoy a romantic session with a game drive with your girlfriend where there is abundance of wildlife such as giraffes, Lions, baboons, elephants among many others.

There are many luxurious tents in Mara that have been designed to symbolize romance and ambiance as you are having a stunning views of the park.

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