Top epic destinations in Egypt to visit in 2022

The following comprises of top places which forms the hot spot destination which you should consider putting in your itinerary for Egypt tour.

1. Pyramids of Giza

The famous pyramid of Giza is among the seventh wonders of the world and is found at the vast plateau of Gaza, and has remained intact for thousands of years.

The Pyramid of Giza is historical, monumental; and is also referred as the Pyramid of Khufu, acting iconic in the entire Africa as it is 138m high.

Location: Giza, Egypt.
Best Time to visit:8AM-5PM
Entry fees: INR 1700

2. The Valley of Kings, Luxor.

This is the most famous destination in Egypt and is found at the eastern bank of river Nile as it is best known to attract several tourists for a long period of time. Besides, it is well known to be the largest open museum in the entire world.
The famous ancient kings of Egypt famously known as the Tutankhamun and Amenhotep were all buried here.
Although the number of ancient tombs which have been excavated is more than 60, only a few of them is open to the public. The Tutankhamun tomb has a separate entrance fee and is referred as the KV 62.
Location: Luxor
Timings to visit:6 AM-5PM(summers)
Entry Fees: INR 380 for 3 tombs

3. The Islamic Cairo

The Islamic Cairo is located in the Capitol of Cairo and is filled up with mosques from the medieval. Consequently, the old madrassas has created the best scenes for the tourists visiting Egypt and classified as the best tourist attraction sites. The Madrassa of Sultan Hassan mosque provides a perfect reminder of the Muslim heritage found in the city of Cairo. If you get more interest in it and decide to delve even deeper onto the beautifully walled city, you may come across artisans who have existed there for millennials, crafting their workmanship thus making it among the best destinations in Egypt.

Location: Cairo

4. The Citadel heritage in Saladin

The Citadel is one of the historic heritages of Egypt and was declared as world heritage by UNESCO.It was basically built by famous Ayyubid, the well-known ruler of Saladin in order to protect Cairo and Fustat from external attacks.

Locality: Cairo Central

Fee & Charges: 384 Indian Rupees

Time:8am-5pm daily


The Aswan is well known as the best destination in Egypt for relaxing and it is located at the Southern region in Egypt.. During the ancient times, it was referred to as the Swenette and was used as a supply area of the stones and cricks which were used to build the famous pyramid of Giza.
However, it later changed and is now known for its breathtaking views for River Nile and the desert sand dunes.
The presence of Elephantine island forms the basis for your perfect relaxation point during the holidays and weekends.
Location:900 KM from Cairo City.

6.The Rocks Temple of the Abu Simbel.

The Rocks temple is found along the bank of Lake Nasser and has been beautifully surrounded by the twin temples of Ramesses and his queen Nefertiti as it was curved into mountain which is among the epic destinations to visit while in Egypt in 2020.

The impressions being extracted by the king and queen on their thrones while overlooking the vast Egyptian mountain is the most iconic image of the ancient Egypt which you should never miss.

The relocation of temple was simply done as result of the rising waters of the lake in the late 60s thus allowing hundreds of visitors making daily visits.

Locality: Abu in Nubia

Fee & Charges: 615 Indian Rupees

Time: Between 5AM to 6Pm

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