Top destinations for couples in 2022

Normally, romance is filled into the air with stunning destinations having been choses especially during valentines and romantic holidays. Where are you planning to go next to have a romantic treat? The following are the best destinations which are ideal for newly married couples or those who would love to rekindle their love.


Bali is among the best destinations for couples and is located in Asia. In case you are planning to have a stay at Bali, then I would recommend that you have a hotel booking at Ubud Hanging Garden Hotel. You can always order for panoramic deluxe pool villa which is ideal for couple.

Bali is the most romantic destination and in case you are doubting, then you may require to have a look at few pictures to have yourself proven wrong.

While in Bali, you will get the feeling that both your partner and you are the only existing creatures in the world. For those who are proposing for their lovers, then Bali is the best pace to be.

Easter Island

Easter Island is another romantic gateway for newly waded couples. This is the only destination where couples can get the privilege of watching the sun set behind the Moai at the Hanga Roa. The Hanga Roa is a humanly shaped carvings which are done by the Rapa Nui people.

Watching the sunset while having a sip of a glass of wine is the most romantic experience.Well, you can just think of how the feeling would be if it was in the middle of Pacific Ocean.The Easter Island is the perfect gateway for the lovers as they would be discovering their new world together.

Ushuaia in Argentina

Ushuaia is literally at the end of the world and is the best destinations for lovers as they can visit Les Eclaireurs        Lighthouse and attain the amazing perspective of how it works and the beautiful rays they have.

Ushiaia is in the southern part of Argentina and at the tip of the world. This place would be the perfect destinations for couples who loves outdoor activities and exploration. There are plenty of activities that can be done while in Ushuaia and endless sceneries as well as beauty.

Bangok in Thailand

While visiting Bangok, there are various places that you can visit and explore. Some of the amazing places includes temples and cruising through the Bangok city using a Tuk Tuk. Besides, you can engage with the locals at the street markets while at the same time experiencing a stunning views of thousands of skyscrapers that makes the destination adorable.

The Bangok is the only city that never sleeps and while at the street markets, you can have a trial of pone or two of local street foods and experience their flavours.At the end of the day, both you and your partner can have a Thai relaxing massage as you are getting ready for a romantic cruise which will be standby at the Chao Phraya river.

New York City

While at New York, you can start off your stroll at the popular central park. Well, this will give you a romantic experience. You can fall in love once more while having a boat ride on the lake. As you are still hanging around, you will witness several marriage proposals going on in that iconic New York City gardens.

While at the New York City, couples will never miss something fascinating to do. There is always something to eat, see or participate in doing as a couple. The best times that one can visit New York is during autumn. This is the season when the city colors begins to change and trees shedding off their beautiful leaves.

Paris in France     

While in Paris, you can decide to have a walk while feeling the pulse of the city. This will give you and your partner an amazing experience. Besides, you can have a bite of patisseries that are normally dotted around the cobbled streets. Well, it is only in France where you can visit the temple of love and share a kiss.Accordingly,the legends have it that the couples who kiss at the temple of love would have more love and stronger relationship.

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