Top beautiful places to visit in 2022

The definition of what a beautiful place may be may vary across different people. But whether you will be looking into inspiring landscapes, wildlife, culture or architecture, these 5 listed beautiful destinations won’t disappoint you in any way! The following are some of the scenic destinations worldwide that you can visit in 2020 that you should add to your bucket list for 2020.

The beautiful places listed has been drawn from the traveling reviews people give on a daily basis and we will be updating them as we move along!

If it does, I dare you to take a bad picture of it.

1. Cape Town in South Africa

The town is among the most beautiful places to visit in 2020.With the golden beaches of Cape Town, world class restaurants with a state of art architecture, South Africa makes the top destination in the world!

With the Table Mountain -all capped by steep slopes of cloud covered peaks, the city becomes the edge of the world stunner!

2. Angel Falls in Venezuela

The Venezuela is an amazing destination to visit especially with its natural wonders which is among the highest waterfall in the world with 3212 feet at the cascades of Angel falls, located at the National park referred as Cainama.

The place itself is among the best destinations considering that the incoming tourists can

 go and visit the water fall which stretches an outstanding 19 times higher than the Niagara falls.

Quick Facts about Angel Falls

1. It is approximately 3200 ft high

2. It is found within National park located in Venezuela

3. During warmer seasons, the water evaporates even before touching the ground.

3. The Canyon in Arizona, United States.

This destination is an amazing and darling to the Instagram lovers as it is a place where you will never come out without having amazing captures and it located at South West of America.

The name comes from Nevajo which means “the area of running water through rock” which in nature is an illusion and alluded to Canyons erosion of soil.

4. The Atacama Desert in Chile

Well, have you ever dreamed about having an exploration on the moon?

The Atacama is a desert which is among the most beautiful destinations that you can plan to make a visit in 2020.A trip which one can make to the Valle de la Luna in Chile is much lesser when one opts to use flight rather than the road. With many years of erosion that has taken place over millions of years ago, only jagged peaks and dry riverbeds have been left behind giving it a beautiful landscape which resembles of your favorite celestial body.

5. The Baobab Avenue in Madagascar.

The Baobab avenue in Madagascar is probably the greatest adventure which you are yet to experience as it is located in Africa and 250 miles by water. The island is Madagascar’s secret where giant moths and bug eyed lemurs are found with olden trees which have heights of up to 100 feet high.

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