Important things to pack for your safari

I understand that you have been waiting for your dream safari for a long time now and the time has finally come.Well,time comes when you choose what to travel with and what to leave behind.This would require you to make decisions, decisions and decisions. Here are few tips which will help you when packing for your safari.

How to pack your safari

1.Passport,visas,itinerary and relevant documents

The passports and relevant documents seems obvious but it would be a remiss if we fails to place it at the top of the list.This forms the basis of your travel experience

2.Your prescriptions and medications

This is usually at the top as you may not be sure of what will be awaiting for you ahead of your safari. If you are under any medications, we advise that you seek assistance from your doctor on how you will manage your medications while on your safari.

3. Prescription glasses

In case you are a big fan of prescription glasses, ensure that when packing you have more than a set of them just in case one of them breaks or damages. Most of the time you may be outdoors so it is proper that you get good preparation for that by packing for hat, sunblock and long sleeve part of shirts.

4.Dont forget about binoculars and cameras.

While majority of the travelers would always think about taking their best cameras with them so as to capture their experiences, well, most of them would most likely forget about carrying binoculars.

For your optimum game viewing, we advise that you carry a binoculars with you. You can as well acquire the expensive one as you can, most probably even the 8X or 10X which will ultimately offer best view of distant wild animals.

For any photographer, Africa is always the best place to have you capture the ancient events and activities. This is not only as result of Africa’s boundless wildlife which comes in variety of shapes, but also as result of the amazing landscapes and the people who lives there.

5.Your clothes and Toiletries

It’s obvious that you will not forget about the clothes which you will be wearing throughout your trip. But, the big question is, are you carrying the right types of clothes? Besides, ensure that all your luggage’s are within the minimum requirements by the flight of your choice.

Normally, majority of the airlines are strict on checking of luggage to ensure that they are between 20-30kgs.However,in case your safari itinerary includes light aircracts,then you should reduce the packages of your luggage to around 15 kgs maximum.

6.Phone,Music,Tablet and a Laptop

These are some of the items which you should not forget to carry along. Remember that some countries use different type of plugs thus carry one with your chargers.

7.Preventative pharmaceuticals

The use of the term preventive pharmaceuticals is just a fancy way of stating that you should not forget about your medications just in case anything happens while you are on your trip. Some of the common issues are diarrhea, headaches, heartburn, insect repellent among others.

8. Other items

Well, having a nice flashlight or torch should be something which you should not miss.Sometimes you may experience pitch black nights while inside the bush or even in your tent while at tight. The most ideal torch to carry is small and rechargeable one.Besides,having the LED miners will as well work best for you.Consequently,you should consider having a small torch for emergencies or while looking for star maps. Most of the camps which you will be visiting might provide for torch, or they will have someone to help walk you to your tent, but being self-sufficient is the best option.

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