Daring things to do in South Africa

It is only in South Africa where the African adventure seekers are pushed to their limits on what they can achieve doing that you will have your friends treat you with utmost respect.
The place is very good for adrenaline rushers and will make you talk about it whole year round. Having said that, here are 7 most daring activities which you should try when visiting South Africa.

Greek White Shark Cage Diving

Great White shark while coming to you on deep blue ocean background

This place will make you get up close, but not so much personal to the most daring things you will accomplish while in South Africa. Most likely it would get your heart pumping while adventure juices flowing smoothly.
The Greek white sharks are found in the southern part of South Africa.Gansbaai is basically located at southern parts of Cape Town and is known to be the world’s greatest shark capital, with the Mossell bay being a little east further.
Both of the spots will take you out to the deep sea and teach you some etiquettes about the sharks, while lowering you down to your first lifetime experience.
This will make shirks twirl around you while you are staying safe and a little bit scared inside the cage.

Going for Sky Dive.

Is there anything more fascinating in life than being in the top of the world? Hurling yourself outside the plane which is thousands of feet above the ground?
This is basically a backpacker’s rite of passage and will make you stronger than even before as you will be able to embrace the free fall to somewhere beautiful in South Africa.
There is sky dive hot spots in Cape Town, Parys and Plettenberg which will give you an amazing experience that will keep you talking whole year round. During the free fall, you are likely to see clear aerial view of the ground while still wondering when you will be opening the parachute. (That’s what people do anyway).

White Water Rafting in Western Cape

While in South Africa, you can dedicate few of your days and navigate along the Doing river. The place is located at the foothills of Cedarburg and is created by the winter rains making it extremely wild.
If you can allow yourself to drown out all the fears you have been having, am pretty sure you will never go home the same.
Again, remember that there are plenty of tours which offers 2-3 days of excursions where you will have enough time of braving the waves while camping out at Riverside at night.

Crocodile Cage Diving

If wading with shakes was not enough to run your adrenaline, I bet this one will as it is found at the Nile crocodile. The Congo Ranch in the Oudtshoorn in the western Cape is in fact the only place in the world which will make you go crazy.
While it can be fearful and fun at the same time, it is an option for those with high adventure appetites shouldn’t afford to miss.
At about 4 meters long, and with bite power of which is four times that of the shark, the crocks will come closer to you make the adrenaline to rush fast.

The Bungee at the Bloukrans

Bloukrans River bridge (216 m) highest bungee-jumping point in the world

There is always desire when it comes to travelling for the near death experience which make the traveling fascinating for the adventurous.
South Africa is the single most African destination which is able to quench your thirst for adventure.
With the Bungee at Plettenberg bay, you will be able to capture the stunning view of the below underworld. The prince launched himself(Harry) off this spot for him to feel good!

Talking to the Spirits of your ancestors.

Visiting Khula township of South Africa can be another fascinating thing for you. It is from this place where you get to be invited to communicate with your fallen heroes and heroines through the ancestral spirits.
This is done by a local Sangoma medicine woman who is able to link up with the ancestors, share and cure any ailments.
Sitting back at her small hut, she was able to tell me about my future, based on the story which I shared with her. This is an ancient profession which has been here for thousands of years.
Well guess what my verdict was. Well, I am a very lucky guy indeed! OH! my ancestors wants me to throw a BBQ party for them!

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