Best things to do in Victoria Falls

One of the top list things you can do in Africa is visiting the Victoria Falls.However,there are other lots of fabulous activities which you can do in both the Zambian and Zimbabwean side of river Zambezi.

The following are some of the best activities to undertake on the Victoria Falls.

1.Behold Victoria Falls

Having an exposure of the world largest waterfall may be the most fantastic experience one can ever have.In fact,having a look at the watery spectacles of Victoria falls should be on top of your itinerary as it is the most amazing experience to have.

It can be seen exclusively across the spray filled ravine on the border of Zimbabwe or through the Eastern sides of Zambia.Normally,the water levels in the Zambezi are always at their lowest during the months of October and November which is normally at the end of dry winter periods.

In order to see the falls at their strongest and loudest,you can always plan to visit the area between February and May,which is always after the summer rains.Besides,one can visit the falls during Christmas festive seasons as it is the busiest month as well.

2. Visit Livingstone Island

You can always have a boat trip arranged to the precipice of Victoria falls and have a day long fun out there.It is from this point where you can find palm trees emerging from the falls.It is in 1885 when the Scottish missionary referred as David Livingstone stood there for the first time.He thereafter named the falls after Queen Victoria and as of today,the place is a UNESCO world heritage site.

There are a lot of places to explore within the falls and explore the roaring cascades being made from the falling mass of waters.

3. Plunge into Devil’s Pool

After exploring the Livingstone Island,you can go ahead and further explore on the Devils pool,which is popular with the adrenaline lovers.

Pick your way over rocks and through streaming water to finally come to a boulder. From here you can prepare to leap enthusiastically into Devil’s Pool, on the pulsing lip of the falls. Across the abyss, on the far side of the chasm formed by the falls, tourists wave from a viewpoint in Zimbabwe. Here on the Zambian side of the river, take a deep breath and hurl yourself into the white water, egged on by the grinning guide.

4. Victoria Falls Activities

There are array of fan activities which one can undertake while visiting the Victoria falls.This may include and not limited to river boarding,Zip lining,gorge swinging,fishing among many others.The Zimbabwean government has rolled out plans to initiate the construction of Victoria Falls Town as well as the Victoria theme park.As for now,much of the actions are still on the Zambia.

5. Spot Zambezi Wildlife

Of all the best activities you may have on the Victoria falls,one of the best is cruising on the Zambezi.Having a morning coffee,or a nice sun-downer whereby you watch sunset while taking the best drink can be a fulfilling activity.Besides,you can view the hippos as they snort.. The two-hour cruises explore the channels, islands and savannah-lined shores of the Upper Zambezi. The falls are a dramatic dividing line between the river’s upper and middle sections.

While having wildlife trip,it is possible for you to come across crocodiles,herds of elephant bathing on the river as well as African eagles soaring above you.Rhinos, buffaloes, giraffes and antelopes may also be seen lapping in the shallows. There are many different boats and packages, so it’s worth shopping around.

6. Go on Safari

The Victoria falls is strategically positioned between four countries which offer exclusive wildlife viewing from the vast game reserves and parks they possess.

These provide great chances for travel fanatics to have a glimpse of the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo among other great wild animals.

The Zambezi National Park is just miles a way and stretches far beyond the massive land filled with wild animals including Elephants,Bufallos,Girraffes among others.

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