Best Rhino destinations in Kenya

Are you still wondering about the best destinations in Africa where you can go and see the rhinos? Well, worry no more! We have an idea on where you can go and see the second mightiest of the big 4 animals in Africa. Today, the rhinoceros are becoming more and more extinct in most parts of Africa due to poaching. The remaining survivors now need a special type of protection from the high demand of their horns.

Well, the following are some of the national parks and reserves where you can visit and engage with the rhinoceros easily:

  1. Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park is one of the South Africa’s main flagship projects and so far has the largest number of Rhinos in the entire Africa. The southern parts of Kruger is well known for the white rhino sightings, which have reduced in number due to their high demand of skin and horns.

You may require to be lucky for you to come across the smaller black rhino, a browser which tends to love to be in the darkest of the thickets.

  • The Mkhaya Game Reserve

Mkhaya is a Swaziland term being used to refer to the intimate encounter with the animals which have been protected. With a guidance from the expert ranger, you will be in the best position of approaching both black and white rhinos, coming even close to their feet.

Being close to both species can be the most amazing experience you would ever love to have as they are simply impressive creatures.    While the white rhino is the second largest wild animal which is terrestrial, the black rhino exhibits a more homing and aggressive behavior, though much exciting.

  • Ngorongoro crater

The Ngorongoro is the most reliable destination in Tanzania to have a spectacular view of the rhinos. The black rhino which in most of the day would love to spend their time relaxed at the open grassland is easily spot table. Well, if in case you have missed to see the rhinos that are in the woodlands, you can opt to try your luck at the picturesque Lerai forest in the afternoons where I bet you will not miss them.

  • The Ziwa Rhino sanctuary

The Ziwa Rhino century is the home to the rhinos being found in Uganda. It is in this sanctuary whereby the visitors are given the opportunity to track the rhino on foot. Your experienced guides will be in position of ensuring that you are safe as you are approaching those magnificent beasts of the wild. It would be exciting to capture those moment as your adrenaline keeps moving fast.

  • The Ol Pejeta Conservancy

The Ol Pejeta conservancy is located in the vast Laikipia plateau in Kenya and homes the greatest white rhino which is from the southern Africa as well as the black rhino.Besides,it also homes the last remaining northern white rhinosof Africa.Well,it is sad to state that the survival of these endangered species will ultimately depend on the vitro fertilization technology which is currently under trials.

  • Lake Nakuru National Park

The Lake Nakuru National Park is towered over the escarpments of Rift valley and is hammered in by the yellow fever trees which makes it to be the most beautiful scene of the entire valley. It is a gorgeous thing to visit the place and see the amazing rhinos grazing randomly. For memories, don’t forget to take your pictures with the amazing beats of the wild as you can easily spot them grazing aimlessly along the lake shore.Well,the black rhinos lives here as well but spotting them is a hit on the miss.

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