Amazing hiking destinations in Kenya for 2022

Hiking escapades in Kenya is normally popular with the locals and tourists. There are many hiking activities in Kenya that ranges from the arduous mountains to the nature trails of walking in the park. Some of the best places to hike are within Nairobi while others are far away. The main common factor in all the hiking activities is that at the end of trails which you are taking, a beautiful scenery will worth the effort that you have taken.

Best Hiking spots within Nairobi

The Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills is one of the most visited hiking places in Nairobi and is accessible by a car. The routes where the hiking begins is from the Northern parts, which is approximately 1941feets above sea level. Initially, the hike will begin from the village, cutting through the windmills to the top of the hill. Once you are in the southern part, you will experience a chilly breeze which will approximately take you 4-5 hours to complete, depending on how physically fit you are.

The Ngong Hills hiking spot is famously known for zip lining activities, arrow and bow and beautiful Nyama Choma joints which will offer a tantalizing meat steaks. While at Ngong, you may come across Maasai kids herding their cattle while selling sweets. You can buy one or two candies while enjoying the beautiful breeze.

Karura Forest

The Karura forest is one of the most amazing Hiking spots both for families and couples. The place is a nature haven that is marshalled with a wealth of different species of trees and birdlife. While at Karura, there are several hiking spots which would cover almost 50km and have proven to be good for keeping you fit.

The initial 2km walk will be a steady one on a dark turn, but then afterwards you will turn right to a marked point which will lead to a steeping point along the river. Thereafter, the trip will be on a steady path until you reach the caves. It is these caves which were believed to be the hiding out for the Mau Mau warriors during the struggle for independence in Kenya. When you further on, you will come across the waterfalls with amazing spectra of rainbow.

Nairobi Arboretum

The Nairobi Arboretum is just adjacent to state house Kenya and lies on a 30 acre piece of land. The hiking spot was set aside by the government of Kenya in 1907 for the planting of trees to aid the construction of Nairobi-Kampala railway.

During those times when they were constructing the railway, the engineers would opt to cutting of trees along the railway line but it was proven not to be sustainable. This was simply because the indigenous trees takes a lot of time to grow. To date, the place has over 350 species of indigenous and exotic type of trees. Inside the Arboretum there are plenty of paths which acts as hiking trails.

The Nairobi Safari Walk

The Nairobi safari walk is a nature trail that is found within the Nairobi National park. The walk itself would take you approximately 2 hours to complete and it covers three major habitats. The walk initially begins with the wet lands where the crocodiles are found, then the vast savanna land where you will come across the wildlife such as Zebras, leopards and the rare bongo. Finally, you will come across the woodland zone where the indigenous plants are found.

Outside Nairobi

Mount Longonot

Just few hours trip from the busy Nairobi, the Mount Longonot would be your perfect hiking spot for your day trip. The mountain is believed to be a dormant volcano, with the latest eruption having happened in the 1800s.

The hike begins from the main gate as it ascents slowly towards the forested zones. From there, the climbing commences to the top of the mountain which is approximately 2276m above sea level. It takes approximately 4 hours to climb to and from the mountain while 2 hours going round the crater.

Hells Gate

The Hells Gate is one of the most amazing hiking destinations in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. The imposing cliff that forms at the exterior side of the park both attracts seasoned and novice rock climbers.

The stretch of Hells gate is filled with hot water springs which supplies its water to the small stream located at the floor of Ol Njorowa geoge.The amazing scenery can be relished especially while cycling along the wildlife such as giraffes.

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