Africa’s most popular places to visit in 2022

1. The Great Migrations of Kenya & Tanzania

A single photo will not even capture the best of the thunder of hooves on the dirt from the millions of wildebeest and hundreds of zebras as they cross the River Mara to Tanzania.
This is an amazing place in Africa to visit as you will be able to capture moments of the seventh wonder of the world as the Crocodile infested river is being crossed by the Millions of Wildebeest, some managing to cross while others being eaten by the crocodiles.
The Migration is always an annual event as the animals’ maneuver their way to the Ngorongoro National reserve from January and runs through the Serengeti in June before hitting Maasai Mara around September before going back south again. The circle continues every year.

2. The Table Mountain in South Africa.

The beautiful Table is basically what would make Cape Town to be the most scenic beach found within the cities one can visit as well as the most world’s renowned photogenic places.
With the cable cars which is available to the top of Mesa, you will have the most beautiful view of the sunrise or sunsets and not forgetting a great photo to capture the unforgettable moments.

You can try to limit your photoshoots to only 50 pictures. That is indeed a challenge.

3.The El Fna in Morocco

The Djemaa El Fna is the most amazing town square which will always remind you of Africa wherever you go. Inside the heart of city, you will be able to witness the snake charmers, dancing beautifully as huge snakes have coiled their necks, the vendors hawking juice during the late afternoons as they warm up for the amazing breeze in the evening.

As the evening nights falls, the vendors are uniquely joined by other tribal drummers who comprises of lady boy dancers and the mobile restaurateurs. Most of the restaurateurs would engage in selling grilled meat, bread and salads as the visitors witness smokes curving its way up the beautiful sky.

4. Sossusvlei Dunes in Namibia.

The term Sosusvlei refers to the place where there is gathering of water but ironically, you will be forced to come forth with your water if you won’t mind being dehydrated at this most scenic Namibian attraction site.
Over millions of years, the dunes have developed and resulted to the material flow of river Orange to the Atlantic Ocean and thereafter being carried towards the north and again, returned back towards the land by the surf.

5. Mountain Gorillas, Rwanda

The mountain Gorillas of Rwanda will give you an epic experience with the amazing gorillas found on the Rwandan rainforest. They will ultimately give you unforgettable experience of lifetime.

There are several operators who makes the tours and travel of the visitors are smoothly run especially with the tracking of silverbacks with their troupes inside the dense forest.

You will most probably find the Nyungwe National Park at an elevation of about 6000 feet in an isolated area which covers a vast 386 square meters across the Northwest of Rwanda. Normally, it is within this area that the tourists can see wide range of primates while traversing the highest canopy in East Africa.
6. The Victoria Falls

Among the different beautiful places to visit in Africa, the Victoria Falls is the most scenic place with its majestic water spectacles. The falls was reportedly first seen by a European when they first visited Africa in 1885, David Livingstone.
Since then, thousands of visitors from all over the world have continued to enjoy the amazing spray of falls from as high as 108 m above, thus making it the most visited place in Africa.

7.The Pyramid of Gaza, Egypt.

The most scenic historic structure of Gaza, near Cairo was built in 2650BC from the millions of limestone block. The sides of the pyramid are exactly oriented to face East, West, North and South.It is Cheophs who ensured that Chephren was built and the area has an entrance which goes to the burial chamber which is made up of large granite belonging to King Chephren.

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