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Kenya entry requirements, border crossing, insurance

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Can I visit multiple countries on my African roadtrip and cross the border with my rental car?
If you want to cross the border, to Tanzania or to another neighbouring country, an extension of the insurance (Comesa card) is mandatory. The insurance costs € 70 and covers a maximum period abroad of 20 days. We will prepare all the necessary paperwork for the car to cross the border. This is an option you can select

It is possible to combine Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda in one Roadtrip by extension of the insurance cover. This extension can be done by purchasing a Comesa card, which costs € 70 / month. We arrange all the paperwork. This is an option you can select in the bookings form. There is a border crossing fee which clients must pay themselves, in cash, at the border. This is around $ 40 USD.

You are not allowed to take your Roadtrip Kenya rental car to Burundi, Mozambique, Ethiopia, South Sudan or DRC.

Can I take my Kenya registered vehicle into the National Parks of Tanzania?
There are 3 things that you need to take into account if you want to visit the Tanzanian National Parks with your foreign registered vehicle:

It is not possible to cross the border via the Serengeti to Masai Mara. You have to drive around the parks, using the Namanga or Isabania border, or Loitoktok border which is the shortest route coming from Moshi and the Kilimanjaro.
2.Kenyan plated cars are allowed to enter into the national parks of Tanzania only when it concerns self-drive. Reason being there’s a bit of a dispute going on between Tanzania and Kenya with trade barriers to protect each others tourism industry. Hence, all chauffeur driven safaris vehicles (6-8 seaters with a pop up roof), are only supposed to be used in the same country registered.

Foreign registered vehicles pay a surplus of $ 40 / day when entering the Tanzanian parks.
Can you tell me more about the insurance conditions when hiring a car from Roadtrip Kenya?
Our cars are insured against damage as a result of accident or fire, and third party liability to property and bodily injury due to a car accident. Personal injury and possessions are not covered and fall under your medical and travel insurance.

There’s a maximum own risk of € 250, not covered by the insurance. Tires, windows and underbody coverage are not covered by the insurance, as severe underbody coverage is considered reckless driving by the insurer. The line of reasoning is that a driver can’t blame the conditions of a road – you can’t blame a tree, rock or put-hole for being there – you have to an observant driver.

Our teams & conditions are included in the car rental agreement. You can also consult them here.

Do I need a visa to enter Kenya?
Yes, you need a tourist visa to enter Kenya. You can buy this upon arrival at the airport or when entering Kenya overland. You can also easily arrange your visa online here. Apply at least 3 days in advance of arrival. A tourist visa for East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda) costs USD $100 and allows you to freely move between these countries. If you are working in East Africa, and you have a valid work permit or special pass, you can cross the border without additional costs.

Do I need an international drivers license?
A (valid) driver’s license from your own country is sufficient. It’s not necessary to buy an international license when driving a car in Kenya.

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