Maji Beach Hotel

  • Location: Haiti
  • Capacity: 8
  • Class: Business
  • Availability: Yes
  • Price: Ksh10,800/night
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Maji is the Swahili word for water.

A Spectacular Exclusive, Multi-Star Beach Boutique Hotel introducing to the Kenyan coast a new dimension in design concept and hospitality.

Water is life and water embraces the “good life” at “The Maji”.

The Indian Ocean caresses the reserved beach, three sides of the hotel are surrounded by the extensive swimming pool springing out from the heart of the hotel lobby and other water features further enrich the ambiance.

15 individually designed bedrooms each with its own unique character.

Extensive public areas offering enough space for up to 35 guests on individual basis or up to 150 guests for weddings and other functions.

Personalized Service customized to your liking. No meal times.
No dress-code.

Minimum age requirement: 12 years. Younger children are allowed when you convert The Maji in your private home during an Exclusive Use Booking.

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